“DTE is my  best marketing spend hands down.  I’d reduce staff hours before I cut my budget with DTE .”



Sprout Social

Start-up, SAAs Business | Launch Strategy, Conversion Optimization, Product Trial, LEad Gen, Adwords, & SEO

We started with working with Sprout before their initial product launch. At the time, they were a fledging company with about 5 or 6 people working out of Lightbank's offices in the Groupon Building.

Pre-Launch, we helped Sprout build their customer acquisition strategy, provided research, guidance on landing page design, and helped with  tracking set-up.

Upon launch, DTE activated and managed Sprout's Adwords campaigns, SEO, and conversion funnel optimization. Through combinations of conversion funnel optimization & inbound traffic optimization, we were able to continually lower their cost per acquisition.

We worked with Sprout through their Series A funding round. At that point they were able to hire in-house customer acquisition staff and we stayed on to help with the transition.

Sprout continues to grow and to date, has over 12,000 customers, raised over $60 million, and has over 200 employees.



Ecommerce | Internet Strategy, ADwords, Conversion Optimization, Retargeting, FAcebook Ads, & Youtube

Spikeball originally reached out to us for SEO help back in 2009 when they were just getting started. We had a nice chat and ultimately agreed that it would be premature to spend money on SEO because, at the time, their resources were limited and their budget could be better spent elsewhere.

We re-connected in 2015 prior to their Shark Tank appearance. We did not formally engage but, we offered some suggestions as to how they could best prepare & leverage their exposure on the show (we have since had a second client who appeared on Shark Tank in 2017).

In 2016, we were asked to help them make their Adwords campaigns profitable (which until that point they had not been). Since then, we have not only helped them realize a great return on their ad spend but, we have also helped them realize double digit increases in conversion rates via a series of A/B tests. 


Chicago Athletic Clubs

Local Business | LEad Generation, Analytics Set-UP, Conversion Optimization, ADwords, Local SEO, Content Strategy, Retargeting, FACEBook ads, & YouTube

Chicago Athletic Clubs is a group of 8-premium gyms. Like many of our clients, our relationship has evolved over time. When we began, CAC was not tracking leads so, we started by helping them properly set-up and understand their analytics. From there we implemented Adwords and Local Search initiatives where we had some significant wins. Years later, we have become much more sophisticated with our tracking (we track the whole sales cycle, from lead, all the way through membership sign-up) and we have expanded our reach to many platforms that yield a strong ROI. 


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